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Spudtacular! Perfect mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a mainstay of Thanksgiving dinner. Born from the need of a potato dish that could be made without an oven (occupied by the roasting turkey), mashed potatoes have grown into one of the most varied and diverse of all thanksgiving dishes.Why just take a look at some of my personal favorite twists… Continue reading Spudtacular! Perfect mashed potatoes

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Let’s talk turkey: Brining

It was a struggle but you took your trusty chef’s knife to that turkey and now you have a beautifully butchered butterflied butterball. Just try saying that three times fast. The next part is as important to the turkey’s flavor as it is alliterative: Brining Brining is, simply put, salting your turkey and leaving in a cool place… Continue reading Let’s talk turkey: Brining

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Let’s talk turkey: Spatchcocking

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Thanksgiving? Turkey. Some may argue it’s actually family or thankfulness, but they won’t be invited back next year. So back on the turkey, cooking a turkey requires literally hours of work and careful maintenance and in the meantime you’re also expected to tidy, cook other… Continue reading Let’s talk turkey: Spatchcocking